I have over 55.5 BILLION views across my TikTok campaign work.

My work has taken my agency from zero on TikTok to being named one of a select few badged AR partners. 
I am currently producing nearly 50% of all branded augmented reality effects for TikTok N. America, and was one of the original three people invited to Beta test their newest AR software, Effect House.
House of the Dragon Logo

"Dragon Fire"

"Shower with Moxie"
(6.4 Billion views+)


"Unwrap the Deals"
Black Friday promotion
(6 Billion views+)


"Super Bowl Halftime Challenge"
with The Weeknd
(8.6 Billion views+)


"Diablo Dare Challenge"
(13.4 Billion Views+)
Arby's logo
"PC Insiders Report"
(1.1 Billion views+)
"Unseal the Meal"
(9.6 Billion views+)

"Tiny Tina Tok"
(12.2 Million views+)

"Bye Bye Sunday Blues"
(10.4 Billion views+)

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