I live in Northern Utah, about 15 minutes from Snowbasin Ski Resort.
We like to mountain bike, snowboard, ski, hike, camp, and kayak... you know... outside stuff.
My second home is the Patagonia on the Argentine side. I lived for a season in Ushuaia until it got too cold and the sun stopped coming up for more than an hour. Ushuaia is "the city at the end of the world". I'd sit at the port and watch the ships leaving for Antarctica. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford that trip but somehow I doubt it could compare to the beauty of Tierra Del Fuego. 
I lived a lot longer in San Carlos de Bariloche. A ski town tucked among a thousand deep blue lakes, there is unseen magic everywhere. It's still so feral and untouched, you don't get far out of town before you have the feeling that you are the only person that has ever been there. We haven't been back since we had kids, but I still visit regularly in my best dreams. 
What I miss most about Argentina (besides my friends) is the pace of life. In the states I always feel like I'm running out of time. In the Patagonia, we had all the time in the world. Sharing time and drinking a mate or two with friends and family wasn't filler, it was the thing that the rest of the world revolved around. I keep some yerba and a mate handy to remind me to slow down and enjoy wherever, and WHOEVER, I'm with, intensely.

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