Insane deadlines? Tight budgets? Some things you just can’t escape.
With Comic Con fast approaching, Parents Empowered wanted to capture the attention of convention goers.
With the support of an incredible team, I designed and built the whole thing in my garage in just a few short weeks (and long nights).

"Dr. Vorg's Secret Lab" — 10'x10' mobile escape room experience.

These billboards were hard fought. It took the whole team challenging each other, to work out the art and how the layered billboards would work together. After all that, the printer didn't want to do it.
...So we did it anyway, I drove over to the billboard company with a pair of scissors.
The series won awards at every show that we entered it in, including a coveted spot in Communication Arts.

"Behind Bad Decisions" billboard series

It was a pitch favorite for some, but a few of the more "straight-laced" members of the client-committee vetoed this idea before it went into production. They said "it was too gross." and "too shocking".  I think they meant "too memorable." The brain props would have been placed in the meat aisle as part of a store-wide campaign.

"Teen Brains" grocery store partnership concept

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